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This is a workshop for students during hairdresser/hairstylist education. This class contains both theoretic and hands on education. Basic skills in hairstyling techniques is required and the level can be adjusted so it fits the students. This workshop can be separated from the hands on part and only be a lecture in the art of avant garde.

Hairstyling for updos or photoshoots. This mini workshop is both look and learn and hands on. We will go through product knowledge and a couple of different quick updos.

For those who wants to improve their skills in makeup for special occasions such as red carpet, bridal, photoshoot etc. We will walk you through a session from base to finish with tips and tricks on how you can achieve the perfect look depending on your models features. We will focus on skin, application and layering the makeup. The makeup will be adapted to camera lights and runway lights and we will go through product knowledge for these occasions.

Working with Maria is always a blessing, she is so professional and meticulous that you always feel safe having her in your team.

by Klient

You can see how much Maria loves what she does, its contagious!

by Klient

Maria is amazingly creative in everything she does. The way that she teach others and the engagement she´s got is truly unique.

by Klient


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